2003 Subaru ImprezaWRX AWD 4dr Sedan w/Spoiler (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 5M)276HORSEPOWER 266TORQUE FT-LB17MODS INSTALLED I started a wheelwell account several months ago. I was looking for something like a car focused instagram/tumblr site to consolidate my social media accounts. This one seems promising but in all honesty it feels like an updated cardomain site. Which... Continue Reading →

Gears of War (Subaru)

One issue I have with my 2003 WRX is the gearing. Or more specifically 2nd gear's huge dropoff (from 3.454 to 1.947) with a 2.0 liter that makes peak torque around 4,000 RPM. While I was pretty happy with this 5MT gearing on my 2009 WRX (EJ255) it is annoying as hell on an EJ207 with... Continue Reading →

Steering Feels (Feedback)

What makes for good steering feels (or feedback)? I have been chasing this question for some time now. Maybe even before I realized I was doing so. Obviously at some point this becomes more of a personal preference answer and thus an experiment in trial and error. More mods? I'm in! 😀 A quick google... Continue Reading →

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