Install: STi Lateral Links

To round out my STi suspension upgrades, I picked up a set of STi rear lateral links. With these you will need an STi rear sway bar and end links. Finding a 20mm rear sway bar proved to be a royal PITA. These seem to be hot sellers. I eventually found a JDM STi rear... Continue Reading →

Street Fight: EJ207 vs EJ257

I've been thinking about these two engines for some time now. I've heard many great things about the EJ207 and how Fuji Heavy should've given us the EJ207 instead of the EJ257. Personally, I think this is mostly JDM envy and I will admit I had a little bit it myself. 🙂 Having owned both... Continue Reading →

Gears of War (Subaru)

One issue I have with my 2003 WRX is the gearing. Or more specifically 2nd gear's huge dropoff (from 3.454 to 1.947) with a 2.0 liter that makes peak torque around 4,000 RPM. While I was pretty happy with this 5MT gearing on my 2009 WRX (EJ255) it is annoying as hell on an EJ207 with... Continue Reading →

Install: Washer Bottle Relocation

Along with the battery and fuel filter relocation, I wanted to put my washer bottle in the trunk for my 55/45% w/d goal and to clean up the engine back for my future AOS. With fluid the washer tank only weighs around 6 lbs full, but every pound counts. This will be offset by the AOS, but... Continue Reading →

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